Starpal provides a variety of waste management solutions to assist our clients to properly handle their waste products.


& Degaussing

Managing sensitive

E-waste such as hard-disk,  (HDD/SSD), RAMs or any IP products with strict confidentiality according to your needs. Degaussing and destruction are common methods to securely dispose important assets. We do offer bespoke disposal and destruction services upon request.

Precious Metal Recovery

Did you know that certain parts of your electronics contain traces of gold? In sufficient quantities, we're able to recover them for you. 

Best return rate guaranteed.

Our Business Philosophy


We believe in transparent pricing and building a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

Service Quality

We're constantly upgrading and keeping up with trends in the waste management industry. Our business transformation team is always looking out for new and better ways to improve our service.


Our roots as a humble family business taught us the importance of trust. We constantly ensure that our services are right and proper to give our clients a peace of mind.

General Waste Disposal

We offer disposal services for scrap metals, plastic, batteries, used electronics, pallets and other general waste. Give us a call or drop us an inquiry to request for an obligation free quotation.


& Sorting Services

Starpal provides labour intensive manpower support to companies that requires sorting, packaging or inspection services. 

We also provide packaging materials such as industrial grade polystyrene films.

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